What to Know on Election Day

How to Make Your Next Trip to the Polls More Convenient

Plan Ahead

The first thing is to plan ahead. You can check your voter registration and polling place location on the Indiana Voters website. Voters from any precinct may vote at any voting location. You can learn more about that here. For more information, please contact our office.


The next step is to bring your ID with you!
All voters must provide a government issued photo ID before they may cast a ballot. Identification must meet certain criteria:
  • It must display the voter's photo.
  • It must have the voter's name, which must conform to the voter's registration record.
  • It must display an expiration date and must be either current, or have expired after the last general election date.
  • It must be issued by either the State of Indiana or by the United States government.

Don't Panic

If you have registered to vote but your name isn't on the list, don't panic. Ask a poll worker for help to make sure that your vote gets counted. They may direct you to the Courthouse, or give you a provisional ballot.

Read the Directions

The polling places have signs with a wide range of helpful information; directions on how to use the machines, a listing of your rights as a voter, and instructions on how to file a complaint if those rights are violated.

Ask Questions

If you are unsure of what to do, ask questions. The poll workers are there to help. They can show you how to work the voting machines, and they can give you a provisional ballot if you need one. If you're at the wrong polling location, they can tell you how to get to the right one.


For more information, please call 765-472-2671.
Notice, photo ID required sign

Notice to Voters