City of Peru Elected Officials

Office Office Holder
Miles Hewitt (R)
City Clerk / Treasurer
Susan Stanley (R)
City Judge
Elizabeth G. Price (R)
City Councilman - District 1 (Peru 2 and 8)
Betsy Edwards-Wolfe (D)
City Councilman - District 2 (Peru 6, 7, and 9)
Tom Gustin (R)
City Councilman - District 3 (Peru 5)
Peter Sahaidachny (R)
City Councilman - District 4 (Peru 3 and 4)
Patricia Russell (R)
City Councilman - District 5 (Washington 1 and 3)
Mark Ramsey (R)
City Councilman at Large
Steve Anderson (D)
City Councilman at Large Kathleen Plothow​ (R)

City of Peru Appointed Officials

Office Office Holder
Police Chief
Dan Sofianos
Fire Chief
Erick Hawk
City Attorney
Dustin Kern
Street Department Head

Traffic Department Supervisor
Todd Wolfe
City Code Enforcement
Jason Simpson
City Zoning Administrator
Haley Hewitt
City Building Commissioner
Ron Dausch