Deferred Prosecution - Traffic Tickets and Infractions

            The Miami County Prosecutor’s Office offers a program called a pretrial deferral to individuals with a good driving history who have been ticketed for an infraction.  If you receive no other violations while participating in the program, the ticket will be DISMISSED at the end of the program. The fee for the program is $192.50. You would be paying this fee to be on the program rather than paying your ticket. 
            To determine if you qualify for the deferral program, you must first complete the application below.  
            Some (but not all) of the reasons you can be disqualified for deferral: (1) you were less than 18 years of age at the time of the offense; (2) you do not possess a valid driver’s license; (3) you have a CDL; (4) you have a conviction for Operating While Intoxicated; (5) you have a judgment for a moving violation within the last year; (6) you have entered into a deferral contract within the last year; (7) your speeding ticket indicates that you were exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 miles per hour; (8) your ticket is for the offense of passing a school bus; (9) your ticket is for the offense of failing to yield to an emergency vehicle; (10) the ticket is for an offense involving an accident.
To apply for the deferral program, print the application and fill it out by hand OR download the application to your computer and fill in the blanks.  Then FAX or email the application to the Prosecutor’s Office.  If the Prosecutor’s Office has not received the application for the deferral program by noon (12:00 Eastern Standard Time) the working day prior to your Court date listed on your ticket, you will no longer be eligible for the program.
  You will find information regarding your Court date located under Court Appearance at the bottom of your ticket.  
Persons with an out of State Driver’s License will need to obtain a Certified Copy of your driving record through their home State BMV.  
If you have an OUT OF STATE DRIVER’S LICENSE, must send a certified copy of your driving record from your State’s Department of Motor Vehicles to the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office with your deferral application.  In order to process out of state driver’s record, it must be received on same day the deferral application is submitted.  
If the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office determines that you are eligible for the deferral program, we will mail you the agreement, which must be read and signed.  You must then return the completed agreement to the court along with your fee in a money order only (no personal checks) by the date listed on bottom of contract.  Failure to do so may cause your license to be suspended.

Traffic Ticket Deferral - Application