Welcome to the site of the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor is the people’s lawyer in the criminal justice system.


The Prosecutor represents the interests of all of the citizens of Miami County and the State of Indiana against perpetrators of crime. As the chief law enforcement officer of the county, the Prosecutor protects the citizens of the county by enforcing the provisions of the Indiana Criminal Code.
County Courthouse
The Prosecutor's Office is also responsible for assisting individuals who apply for child support services by establishing and enforcing child support orders under the Indiana Code and Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

Victim Advocate

The Prosecutor's Victim Advocate is responsible for assisting victims of crime as they navigate the judicial system, providing a line of communication between the Prosecutor and the victim. The victim's advocate also assists victims of violent crime in obtaining restitution through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institution's Victims Compensation Fund, if specific criteria is met.
In addition, the victims advocate can provide information in regards to additional services that may be needed, specific to each situation and individual.