Water Quality

Miami County residents depend on groundwater as a source of drinking water, agricultural usage, and for industrial purposes. Septic systems, private and abandoned wells, open ditches, and surface water runoff are possible routes of groundwater contamination. Our actions greatly affect water quality both here in our own county and downstream.

Goals Include

  • Encourage landowners and land users to maintain and improve erosion control as the number one means for improving water quality.
  • Promote nutrient management on cropland.
  • Promote proper rural septic disposal and maintenance in Miami County.
  • Promote wetland restorations and development to recharge groundwater.
  • Proper vegetation and buffer strips established along open ditches, stream banks, and rivers.

Actions Include

  • Continue to work with the Drainage Board and Commissioners to promote buffer strips.
  • Encourage proper disposal of all chemicals, solid waste, etcetera to eliminate the possibility of seepage into underground aquifers through education.
  • Support the Miami County Environmental Health Specialist on septic issues to meet state requirements.
  • Work on developing a strong working relationship with the Solid Waste District.
Water in a Stream