Technical Service

We provide answers to soil erosion problems, drainage issues and other natural resource problems land users may have. If you are eligible, we can help you find the USDA/Cost Share Program that is right for your needs.
Our services are free! Call us if you need assistance for:
  • Fixing gully erosion - We provide survey and design for conservation practices such as waterways, rock and block chutes, and water and sediment control basins to control gully erosion
  • Tree planting assistance
  • Wetland enhancements and development
  • Wildlife habitat information
  • Windbreak development
  • Woodland management
Ducks Swimming in a Lake

Cost Share

Cost Share is available for many conservation programs if you meet eligibility requirements. Some are:
  • Buffers around woodlands and field borders
  • Filter strips - A strip of grasses that filter runoff before they reach bodies of water
  • Grass waterways, grade structures etc. to fix gully erosion.
  • Manure storage
  • Nutrient management and pest management
  • Planned grazing systems
  • Stream protection
  • Timber Stand Improvement, tree plantings, field windbreaks
  • Wetland enhancements and development
  • Wildlife food plots, and more!