Soil Conservation

The Miami County Soil and Water Conservation District considers soil sediment as a result of erosion the greatest pollutant of our waterways. The highest priority will be placed on working with landowners and land users having soil erosion problems.

Goals Include

  • Encourage the enrollment of erosive lands into conservation programs.
  • Encourage the use of the soil survey and Global Information System (GIS) as the tool for making sound land-use decisions.
  • Increased installation of erosion control practices on both urban and agricultural lands and increased conservation tillage.
  • Promote proper residue management.
  • Protect the soil resources by keeping erosion down to tolerable levels.
  • Rule 5 regulations strictly enforced.
  • See an increase of filter strips along ditch banks, streams, and rivers.
  • Support environmentally sound maintenance of drainage systems.
Field in Miami County

Actions Include

  • Continue to build working relationships with county officials.
  • Increased educational efforts in promoting filter strips.
  • Seek out additional watershed funding.
  • Work with Plan Commission and public officials in using the soil survey and GIS to promote county-wide erosion and sediment controls.
  • Work with Plan Commission and public on Rule 5 regulations.