Forestry, Wildlife & Wetlands

A recent inventory in Miami County reveals that approximately 11,500 acres are wooded. These must be managed to their fullest potential. Wildlife habitat must be enhanced. Wetlands are important for natural beauty, wildlife habitat and recharging groundwater.

Goals Include

  • Encourage plantings of riparian and conservation buffers.
  • Increase tree plantings and windbreak establishments.
  • Increased wetland restorations where practical.
  • Minimize domestic animal damage to current and future wooded acreage.
  • Promote best management practices of existing wooded and future wooded acreage.
  • Proper vegetation plantings to provide wildlife habitat.
Geese in a Lake

Actions Include

  • Conduct workshops and field days to educate woodland owners on woodland management.
  • Educate landowners on proper wildlife habitat and wetland restorations.
  • Educate the public on riparian buffers through meetings and demonstrations.
  • Increase efforts with DNR and wildlife groups in education and implementation of programs.
  • Promote tree and shrub plantings through tree sales and workshops.