Technical Assistance

Conservation Practice
Units Applied
Filter Strips
480 Acres or 80 Miles
Grade Stabilizations
Grassed Waterways
101 Acres or 24 Miles
Landowners Assisted
3,000 Average/Year
Nutrient Management
1,000 Acres/Year
Tree and Shrub Planting
61 Acres
Wetland Restorations
100 Acres
Trees in Miami County


  • Completion of over $96,000 cost share practices in Little Pipe Creek watershed for waterways, filter strips, and erosion control structures
  • Completion in excess of $1,000,000 of cost share conservation practices countywide
  • Completion of $35,000 cost share practices in Twelve Mile Creek watershed
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Educational Highlights

Youth Education
Adult Education
Arrow Head Country River Expedition, Grades 9 - 12
Legislative tours and Tillage Field Days
Conservation Education programs
4-H Fair Exhibitor
Environmental Newsletters
Annual Tree Sales
Envirothon, Grades 9 - 12
Warm Season Grass Tour
Lost Sister Trail Field Days for all County Fifth Grades
Forestry Field Days and Tree Planting Workshops
Teacher Environmental Workshops
Pond Management Workshops
Sunset in Miami County
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