Electronic Home Detention

Electronic home detention, often referred to as home incarceration, holds criminal defendants accountable for their offenses but also allows them to remain employed and support their families. Offenders are monitored, 24 hours a day, by an electronic device worn around the ankle. Field Officers make frequent home and employment visits to monitor compliance with the program.

The cost for electronic home detention is one hour's wage per day or $10 which ever is greater. Therefore, the average weekly fees for electronic home detention are $70. In addition, offenders are required to pay a one-time initial fee of $75.
The program is also available for juvenile offenders and it provides an option for Courts who may otherwise have to place the juvenile into detention.

Offenders who are considered for the program must have a non-digital home telephone and an appropriate residence. The telephone service must be free of the following options: call forwarding and Privacy Manager. Adult offenders are referred to the Community Corrections Program, in most cases by their attorneys, for evaluation prior to sentencing. Following their evaluation, a recommendation is made, by Community Corrections, to the Court regarding the offender's eligibility for Community Corrections.