Community Transition Program

The Community Transition Program, which was established under Indiana Code IC 11-8-1-5.5, is the assignment of an offender, by the Court, from the Department of Correction to Community Corrections. Most offenders, currently incarcerated at the Department of Correction, will become eligible for Community Transition. Counties have the option of accepting these offenders when they reach the end of their sentences, into Community Corrections.

The length of Community Transition is based on the most serious offense committed by the offender. Those offenders convicted of class D felonies may serve up to 60 days on Community Transition; class C felony offenders may serve up to 90 days; and class A and B felony offenders may serve up to 120 days.

In Miami County, offenders are evaluated based on the nature of their offense or offenses, their prior criminal record, their conduct at the Department of Correction, and the appropriateness of their proposed residence. If accepted into the program, offenders are placed on electronic home detention. They are required to follow specific rules of the program and expected to obtain employment. The Community Corrections staff assists offenders seeking employment by making appropriate referrals to employment agencies.
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If offenders violate the program they can face a range of sanctions with the most serious sanction being the return of the offender to the Department of Correction and the possible loss of previously earned good time credit.