Central Communications Equipment

All calls are entered into a Computer Aided Dispatch System, (CADS). Dispatch records are kept for all agencies serviced by the Center.

Our 911 call taking system is leased from AT&T and utilizes hardware from Plant Equipment Inc. This includes a computer based call taking system with integrated mapping that displays 911 caller locations. The 911 address can also be transferred to the CADS system which will recommend the appropriate agencies for a response based on the type of call received.
Desk with Several Computer Monitors on It
Three call taking/radio consoles have the ability for communications with all police, fire and EMS agencies.

All radio traffic, 911 calls and non-emergency calls are recorded on a DVD. Each dispatch position has message replay for immediate playback. All recordings are kept for a period of one year.

The phone system at Central Dispatch has an integrated Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) interface for both 911 calls and administrative calls. The TDD is activated by the caller equipment.