Central Dispatch (911)

Miami County Central Dispatch handles all radio communications for Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services in Miami County. Central Dispatch was established in 2002. In 10-2002 it combined the Peru Police Dispatch and Miami County Sheriff Dispatch to become Miami County Central Dispatch. For non emergencies, dispatch can be reached at (765) 473-5474.

What We Do

The communications center is located in the Miami County Annex Building. All 911 emergency telephone calls are answered at the communication center. Central Communications also handles non-emergency requests for an officer for all police departments. This includes a direct connect phone at the Peru Police Department and a direct connect phone in the lobby of the Miami County Jail.

Note - Administrative calls for the Miami County Jail and Miami County Sheriff (jail info, county accident reports, etc.) are handled through the department at 765-472-1322 and Administrative calls for the Peru Police Department (city accident reports, contacts not requiring an officer dispatch, etc.) are handled through the department at 765-473-2150.

We Dispatch for


  • Converse
  • Galveston
  • Miami County

Fire & Rescue

  • Akron Fire Department
  • Amboy Fire Department
  • Converse Fire Department
  • Denver Fire Department
  • Galveston Fire Department
  • Grissom Fire Department
  • Macy Fire Department
  • Mexico Fire Department
  • New Waverly Fire Department
  • Peru Fire Department
  • Pipe Creek Fire Department
  • Roann Fire Department


  • Amboy Police Department
  • Bunker Hill Police Department
  • Converse Police Department
  • Miami County Sheriff's Office
  • Peru Police Department