Present Land Use

In reviewing the present land use in Miami County, it is important to remember that the county remains predominantly agricultural. It is important to note that more than 144,130 acres of the county has wetness as its primary limitation. Urban growth and rural development are occurring at an increasing rate and require assistance because of the strong potential for problems such as flooding of basements, crawl spaces, patios, etc. with the biggest effect being on the failure of septic adsorption fields. Nearly 80,500 acres in the county have soils with a potential for erosion.

1997 statistics for Miami County

  • Total Land Acres 240,488 acres
  • Average Size of Farm 291 acres
  • Cropland 175,108 acres
  • Farmland 197,198 acres
  • Harvested Cropland 175,108
  • Pastureland, all Types 9,326 acres
  • Woodland 11,299 acres
Source: 1999 - 2000 Indiana Agriculture Statistics, Purdue University.
Field in Miami County