Becoming a CASA Volunteer

If you're ready to become an advocate for children who really need your help, CASA would like to have you aboard. To become a CASA volunteer, here's what is necessary.


Maturity, good judgment, concern for children, the ability to maintain confidentiality, good listening skills, objectivity, flexibility, good oral and written communication skills, and a professional manner.


The Court Appointed Special Advocate Shall Be Expected to

  • Attend initial and on-going training arranged by the CASA Program Director
  • Complete a thorough investigation of all the facts in order to arrive at an objective and impartial opinion of what is in the child's immediate and long-term best interests. This investigation will include:
    • Interviewing the child, parents, caseworkers, attorneys, relatives, friends, neighbors, and foster parents
    • Additional information obtained from OFC (Office of Family and Children) records, school records, medical data, court records, and psychological reports
  • Confer with the Program Director as to any changes that may be needed, requested, or recommended concerning the child's status
  • Submit a written report to the court outlining findings and recommendations
  • Appear at all court hearings regarding the child to ensure that all relevant facts are presented.
  • Advocate for the child's best interest
  • Maintain high standards of confidentiality of information pertaining to the case
  • Monitor the situation as long as the child is under court jurisdiction to ensure that the best interests of the child are being considered
  • Observe court procedures and maintain a good relationship with the court and agency personnel
  • Remain objective


The Court Appointed Special Advocate Will Be Required to

  • Satisfactorily complete the initial training sessions
  • Sign a statement of commitment, a confidentiality statement, and a certificate of case acceptance
  • Attend in-service training and education sessions that are usually offered bimonthly.
  • Monitor court proceedings of assigned cases
  • Interview all parties assigned with the case
  • Complete court reports under specified time limits
  • Work closely and professionally with the child welfare workers and the attorney and/or Guardian Ad Litem
  • Make necessary time commitments to complete case obligations
  • Confer with the Program Director
  • Participate in team meetings or case conferences when scheduled


A minimum of 30 hours of training is required. Training is held in the evenings and is usually completed in two to four weeks. A Miami County Juvenile Court Judge then swears in the volunteer.


The Program Director and Assistant Director will provide the supervision.

Role of the Director

The director is responsible for arranging training, in-service training, orientation, and ongoing supervision.

The Miami County CASA Program is a program of the Miami Juvenile court system presided over by the Honorable Jacob Winkler, Superior Court and the Honorable Tim Spahr, Circuit Court.

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