Device Testing

Pursuant to IC 24-6-3 the Department of Weights and Measures is responsible for assuring the accuracy of all devices used for weighing, measuring, or counting in the marketplace. This includes vehicle scales, gasoline pumps, grocery store scales, and pharmacy scales. They also work with State Inspectors to test large capacity scales and flow meters for the 59 counties that lack the required special test equipment.

Devices Tested

The majority of these devices are State Police scales, truck scales, airport refueling meters, and liquefied petroleum gas meters. Other large scales tested include those for vehicles, railroad cars, hoppers, conveyor belts, and livestock.
Together, state and local inspectors of weights and measures tested a total of 123,825 weighing or measuring devices during fiscal year 2004-05, with a failure rate of 7.8%, where the failure rate is simply that the measuring devices are not accurate.