Acquire a Septic Permit

The process is the same for new construction and repair/replacement.

  1. All proposed septic system require soil evaluations made by a State certified soil science consultant in the desired location for the septic system per 410 IAC 6-8.1-48. A list of soil science consultants is available in Health Department Environmental Division.
  2. The Environmental Health Specialist will review the soil evaluation to determine the options (based on State and local codes) for size, depth, and type of septic systems(s) permissible for the site.
  3. The following paperwork mailed to each property owner will include:
    • The plan submittal minimum requirements.
    • A homeowners guide to septic systems.
    • A list of current certified septic installers (also available at Health Department)
    • Septic Plan Submittal form. Plans submitted for review must include a drawing of the property indicating home location and floor plans, outbuildings, well, soil borings and outlet for perimeter drains. Plans must show property lines, any easements, flood zones, ponds, streams and any other pertinent information. Plans must show the system layout as it will be constructed on the property, including: lengths and distances in feet; depths in"; grade elevations.
  4. The Miami County Health Department will visit the site to verify the accuracy of the information presented after which a permit may be issued. Office hours are from 8 to 9 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The permit is good for one year from the issue date.
  5. Permit fees paid at the time of issuance:
    1. $100 New home construction
    2. $50 Repair of existing system or replacement
    3. 25 Connecting a different dwelling to an existing system
  6. If you have further questions please contact the Miami County Health Department Environmental Division.

Septic Trenches