Tips for Landlords

Half of all residential drug labs are found on rental property, and the property owner is responsible for the decontamination costs. The tips on the page are designed to take some of the risk out of renting.

  • Be sure to have all of your rental applicants complete a rental application.
  • Take the time to meet each applicant personally, and require them to provide you with photo identification
  • Make a note of any suspicious behaviors or appearances of the applicant
  • Conduct a thorough background check of your applicants, including a criminal background check
  • Be sure to get a damage deposit
  • Require a lease agreement
  • Make sure the applicant is aware that you will be visiting the property regularly
  • Visit your property often and make a note if you see signs of a meth lab or any other illegal activity
  • Ask your neighbors to help you monitor the property
Remember that if you suspect a met lab on or near your property, contact local law enforcement immediately. In Miami County or Peru, call either 911 or the Anonymous Meth Hotline at 800-453-4756