Finding Your Name

There are many ways that you can search using a name. The first thing to consider, however, is the 'Search Type.'

The ‘Search Type' drop down box is between the Statue of Liberty and the box where you enter the owner's name. Its default setting is 'Starts With' and it can also be set to 'Contains.' If your name search fails, change this box to read 'Contains' and you will probably get the result you were looking for.

Note that on properties with joint ownership, if you use the name of the second (or third, etc.) person listed, you will have to change the search type to 'Contains' to get a result.

Below are some of the more effective ways to search.

  • Last Name (example: reagan)
  • Last Name [comma] [space] First Initial (example: reagan, r)
  • Last Name [comma] [space] First Name (example: reagan, ronald)
  • First Name [space] Last Name (search type must be 'contains') (example: ronald reagan)
Our property search engine is not case sensitive.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no Ronald Reagan in our property database, so typing in his name should not generate any results.