Mobile Meat Vendors


In order to operate legally in Miami County, a mobile meat vendor must hold a valid Miami County food permit. This permit must be displayed for public viewing. If you see a mobile meat vendor in Miami County ask the driver to show you their Food Permit. Please call your local law enforcement (911) if they cannot provide the proper license.

Refrigeration Unit

The vendor must have a refrigeration unit that holds at zero degree or lower for frozen food or a unit that holds at 41 degrees or lower for refrigerated food. Uncovered freezers in the back of trucks are prohibited.


All food should be properly labeled. Labels should contain the following: Product name
  • Address line
  • Ingredient statement
  • Inspection legend and estimated number
  • Net weight statement
  • Nutrition facts
  • Proper dating of product
  • Safe handling statement


Please call the Miami County Health Department, Environmental Division, if you have any questions or concerns with any food establishment in Miami County.

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