Section E

It shall be unlawful for any person to sell through a food operation any food which is unwholesome, adulterated, or misbranded as provided in 410 IAC 7-24-4, 410 IAC July 24, 1954. Samples of food may be taken and examined by the authorized representative as often as may be necessary to determine freedom from contamination, adulteration, or misbranding. The authorized representative may, on written notice to the owner or operator, impound and forbid the sale of any food which is, or which he has probable cause to believe is, unfit for human consumption, unwholesome, adulterated or misbranded. Provided that in the case of misbranding, which can be corrected by proper labeling, such food may be released to the operator for correct labeling under the supervision of the authorized representative. The authorized representative may also cause to be removed or destroyed any dairy product, vegetable, fruit or other perishable articles which in his opinion are unsound, or contain any filthy, decomposed, or putrid substance, or that may be poisonous or deleterious to health or otherwise unsafe.