Section C: Permit Fee

  1. See attachment 1: Fee schedule for current rates. Note that a late fee will be assessed on any annual food permit not renewed within 30 days following expiration date. Closure of retail food establishment will be initiated for any retail food establishment or bed and breakfast that has not been renewed within thirty-one (31) days following the expiration date.
  2. Permit and Fee Exception: No permit fee shall he paid by an organization that is exempt from the Indiana gross income tax.
  3. Exemption from Compliance: An organization that is exempt from the Indiana gross income tax and that offers food for sale to the final consumer at an event held for the benefit of the organization is exempt form complying with the requirements of the ordinance that may be imposed upon the sale of food at that event if:
    1. Members of the organization prepare the food that will be sold
    2. Events conducted by the organization under this section take place for no more than 30 days in any calendar year
    3. The name of each member who has prepared a food item is attached to the container in which the food item has been placed
This section does not prohibit an exempted organization from waiving the exemption and applying for a license under this chapter.

The Health Department may forbid the sale of any food product by any charitable organization in which the food product is found to be unwholesome, adulterated, or otherwise unfit for human consumption.