Section A: Definitions

Adulterated: Adulterated has the meaning stated in Indiana code 16-42-1 through 4. (410 IAC 7..24-4)

Employee: means the person-in-charge, having supervisory or management duties, person on the payroll, family member, volunteer, person performing work under contractual agreement, or other person working in a retail food establishment. (410 IAC July 24, 2029)

Health Department: means the Miami County Health Department.

Health Officer: means the medical doctor serving as the executive officer of the Miami County Health Department or any authorized representative.

Law: means applicable, state, and federal statutes, regulations, and local ordinances. (410 IAC (July 24, 1951).

Narrative Report: The section on the Food Service Inspection Report Form where the authorized representative records in written form the violations and/or other pertinent information that are observed during the inspection of a retail food establishment.

Owner or Authorized Agent: shall be any person operating a retail food establishment.

Permit: means the document issued by the Health Department which authorizes a person to operate a retail food establishment or bed and breakfast establishment.

Person: means an association, a corporation, individual, partnership, other legal entity, government, or governmental subdivision or agency. 410 IAC July 24, 1958.

Temporary Food Establishment: The term temporary food establishment means a retail food establishment that operates for a period of not more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration. 410 IAC July 24, 1998

Wholesome: shall mean in sound condition, clean, free from adulteration, and otherwise suitable for use as human food.

Written Order
: A written letter of abatement generated by the regulatory authority and signed by the Regulatory Authority, that is served to the operator of a retail food establishment or bed and breakfast that has been found in violation of the provisions of this ordinance, and lists those violations and mandates a specific time by which the abatement must occur.