Requirements for Filing a Name Change Petition

Before filing a name change petition, there are some requirements that must first be met.
  • Petition: Original and 2 copies. (Typewritten on 8 ½ X 11 inch white paper)
  • Appearance Form: Original and 1 copy.
  • Filing Fee: $156.00 paid at the time of filing.
  • Publication Fee: Contact the paper you are going to use.
You will be given the date of the Name Change hearing when you file the case. It will be your responsibility to have the Notice published according to the Indiana Statute. This should be taken care of ASAP.

At the hearing you will need to have the following for the Judge's signature:
  • Order: Original and 4 copies
Please note that the Miami County Clerk's office does have the change of name notice form (PDF), but does not have the appearance form nor a form petition for change of name. The Self Service Legal Forms website has these and other name change forms. 
Additionally, any law library should have books that would enable you to research the law to determine what language should be contained in a petition for change of name. You should also be able to research the legal requirements for publication there as well. If legal assistance is needed, you should consult an attorney.