Seat Belt Facts

Did You Know?

  • Every hour someone dies in America simply because they didn't take two seconds to buckle up.
  • Failure to buckle up plays a role in more motor vehicle fatalities than any other traffic safety-related behavior.
  • Proper use of child safety seats reduces fatal injury by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers (one to four years old) in passenger cars.
  • If a crash occurs at 40 miles per hour, a 150 pound, unbelted occupant will be thrown from the vehicle with 6,000 pounds of force.
  • The total estimated economic loss to Indiana for motor vehicle crashes is more than $2.7 billion annually.
  • The proper use of seat belts and child safety seats are required by Indiana law.
  • Most crashes (3 out of 4) occur within 25 miles of home. They can happen on the way to school, work, grocery store, or even within your own neighborhood.
  • Indiana statistics show that when parents aren't buckled up, only 57% of children are. The same statistics show that when parents do buckle up, about 93% of children do as well.
  • Most people (3 out of 4) who are ejected from a vehicle during a crash will die as a result.
  • A seat belt worn improperly can cause serious internal injuries.
  • Seat belts will increase your chance of surviving a crash by 50%.