Marriage License Summary


  • A valid driver's license
  • Current state-issued identification card
  • Original certified birth certificate
  • Military identification
  • Passport


  • Both have to be over the age of 18
  • If age 17, need parents or legal guardians to sign to give consent
  • If age 16, besides above, need to request the court for permission.
  • Male has to be over 18. You may not be able to marry the same day as application if the judge is busy or not available.
Both applicants have to provide their mother's maiden name and their parents' place of birth.

If married before, need date last marriage ended. There is no waiting period to get married again (If this is a remarriage, note on license).

Your application is good for 60 days.

For Indiana residents, at least one applicant has to be from Miami County, Indiana to apply here. Your license can be used in any county in Indiana, but cannot be used in another state. The cost is $18 for this license plus $2 for the certified copy.

If both applicants are from out of state, you can apply here but you must get married in Miami County. The cost is the above $18 fee plus an extra $60 for this license. An additional $2 applies for the certified copy.

There is no waiting period after obtaining the license once the above criteria have been met.

For those getting married at the age of 16, be sure to place the confidential covering on the application, since it cannot be published.

Those who do not want their application published should note this on the application.

Miami County Clerk
Marriage License Division
25 N Broadway Room 108
Peru, IN 46970

Phone: 765-472-3901, ext. 1226