Do You Want to be a Poll Worker?

Being a poll worker is an excellent opportunity to participate in the election process and make some extra money at the same time. Also, Miami County needs more people like you to work at the polls.

Indiana must recruit and train thousands of poll workers all across the state every election year. The democratic process depends on the support and volunteerism of Hoosiers just like you!

Our local election officials can teach you everything you need to do the job, but you do have to meet a few requirements in order to participate:
  • You must be a resident of Miami County, Indiana
  • You must be a registered voter.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
Become a Poll Worker Sticker

Becoming a Poll Worker, in 3 Easy Steps

  1. You need to call this office or your party's county headquarters to sign up. They will give you all of the information you'll need to be a poll worker on Election Day.
  2. Next, you will attend a brief training session to learn how to be a poll worker.
  3. On Election Day you will help your fellow citizens through the election process by: helping them set up the polling place. By helping check in voters and explaining to them how to cast their ballot. In some cases this may include explaining the features of the voting system. Once Election Day is done, you and your fellow poll workers will restore the polling place to its original condition and return the election supplies.

Duties of Poll Worker


  • Chairs the precinct board (which includes the two judges) and acts as manager of the precinct.
  • Attends a training session and retrieves election supplies (including ballots, poll list and forms) at least 2 days before the election.
  • Administers an oath to all poll workers.
  • Announces the opening and closing of the polls.
  • Compares and evaluates the signature on an absentee ballot envelope with the absentee ballot application.
  • May challenge voters.
  • Assists in the canvas of the votes.
  • Returns all election supplies to the county election board election evening.


  • Assists the Inspector in making decisions on matters that come before the precinct election board.
  • Provides instructions to voters when asked about the ballot or voting procedures.
  • May assist voters with impairments.
  • May challenge voters.
  • Assists in the canvass of the votes.


  • The primary function of the clerks is record keeping and ballot control.
  • Assist voters in signing the poll list.
  • Must initial each ballot before giving it to the voter.
  • In a Primary Election, the clerks must ensure the voter is given the ballot that corresponds with the voter's stated political party preference.
  • Assists in the canvass of the votes.