Recycling Drop Off

Miami County Recycling District offers many locations throughout the county for drop off of metal cans, cardboard, food grade glass, plastic food, beverage, soap, shampoo, and detergent containers, and paper. All drop off sites are for these items, and only these items.Bin Pic

Recycling bins look similar to the one above, and may or may not have a top with various openings in them. The drop off bins throughout the county are "single stream" with no sorting of materials required.


Single Stream (no sorting required) recycling is available in these locations:
  • Amboy - At UCE Park near the rail road tracks
  • Bennett's Switch - Corner of U.S. 31 and SR 18
  • Bunker Hill - Behind Town Hall
  • Denver - At highway garage
  • Erie - At Community Center
  • Maconaquah High School - Behind high school
  • Maconaquah Middle School - Coming Soon!
  • Macy - Next to fire station
  • Mexico - At the Community Center
  • North Miami High School - Behind the high school
  • North Miami Elementary School - Behind the school near the playground.
  • Peru - for sorted and separated items. It is located at Recycling Recovery, 291 North Broadway (behind Hardee's)
    The drop-off bins are labeled according to what material is to be put into the bins

Other Items

Do not leave trash, tires, furniture, electronics, etc. at the sites. Leaving those items at the bins ruins the clean and tidy look we strive to maintain at every location. If you can load it up to dump it one of the sites, there is no reason you can't load it up and bring it to the District for PROPER disposal! Dumping items at the recycling sites is NOT proper disposal! Follow the simple rules at the drop off sites. Please take responsibility for your unwanted or broken items. Why should the rest of the citizens in the county have to be responsible for YOUR things? Constant abuse of the drop off sites can result in removal of the bins at the location and/or increase in the yearly bill due to extra expenses involved with cleanup of the site(s).