Miami County Recycling (Solid Waste) District

Martin-Luther-King-QuotesThe District will be closed Monday, January 18th in honor of Martin Luther King Day. Take the day to be kind to one another and do the right thing.

​Here is the new calendar for all of the events coming up during the first quarter of 2021. To see calendars for the rest of the year, click the "District Schedules" tab.
2021 Calendar 1st
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The Miami County Recycling District is still requiring masks or facial coverings to enter the building. If you do not have a mask or facial covering, you will not be allowed into the building. The District reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. No mask, no service.

Sadly, there is still illegal dumping happening at the Recycling Drop Off Sites. We have placed SIX signs on each roll off container that include color pictures of what can and what can not be left at the sites. Cardboard boxes are not being broken down either. When boxes are broken down, the containers don't fill up so fast! BREAK DOWN YOUR CARDBOARD BOXES. Take the styrofoam packaging out and put that in your regular trash. It is not recyclable in this area. If the container is full, please take your recyclables back home. Do NOT leave them outside the bins. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON TOP OF THE RECYCLING CONTAINERS! It makes the contractor's job three times as hard, and that slows them down because he is trying to clean up your huge mess. People who behave badly at the drop off sites will cause the sites to be closed and removed.

Not sure what you can leave at the County Drop Off sites? Confused by the illegal dumping of items at the recycling sites?

Here is some handy information showing what contaminates the recycling taken at the sites, and a checklist to see what you can and can't leave at the Miami County Recycling Drop Off sites.

If you have questions about what can and can not be left at the County Recycling Bins, please stop out at the District, or call the office at 765-472-7224. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

You can also view and/or these information sheets by clicking  here and here.Recycling No No_LI (2)Recycling Checklist_LI



The mission of the Miami County Solid Waste management District is to implement and provide source reduction and recycling programs that will reduce the amount of solid waste disposed of in landfills, encourage recycling efforts, provide guidance for waste stream reduction, and increase awareness of proper hazardous waste disposal.