Calling 911 on a Cell Phone

Yes! When you make a 911 call from your wireless or cellular phone, dispatchers may or may not receive the phone number and location from where the call originated.

When you make a 911 call from a cellular phone keep in mind that you need to know . . .
  • Your cellular phone number. If you provide your cellular phone number to the 911 dispatcher, the dispatcher will be able to reach you in case the call is disconnected, which often happens with cellular calls.
  • A good description of your surroundings. It is a good idea to always know the name of the road you are traveling on, which direction you are headed and how many miles you are from the nearest town or the nearest cross street.
Many people do not have their cellular phone number memorized. Make sure that you have the number written down in an easy to find location before you need to call 911.