The Constitution of the State of Indiana provides for the office of County Treasurer. The person elected to the office of County Treasurer serves a term of 4 years and cannot serve more than 8 years in any period in 12 years.

Primary Duties

The County Treasurer is the financial officer of the county and is charged with the duty of billing and collecting all real estate, personal property, and mobile home taxes and assessments which are payable to the county. The County Treasurer also receives distributions of local income taxes and excise taxes collected by the State.

Additional Duties

The County Treasurer directs the implementation of policies and procedures related to the custodial functions of all funds belonging to the county adhering to the public accounting laws prescribed by Indiana state statute and the State Board of Accounts. As the investment officer of the county, the County Treasurer invests and reinvests all funds and revenues held by the county in investments authorized by Indiana state statute.

Other duties of the County Treasurer include:

  • Certification to the County Auditor those properties eligible for annual tax sale
  • Issuance of mobile home moving permits and title transfers
  • Collection of delinquent real estate and personal property taxes
  • County Treasurer also serves as secretary to the County Board of Finance


Taxes may be paid at the following locations in addition to the Treasurer’s office:

  • First Farmers Bank & Trust
  • 1st Bank of Berne
  • Crossroads Bank
County Courthouse
You must have your tax bill with you to pay at these locations.