Beautification Day

Photo Credit and Copyright: Global Marketing Enterprises Beautification Day will be held April 22, 2017, from 8 AM until 2 PM. As the costs for Beautification Day continue to rise, the district had to take the tough position of scheduling just one day, then allowing a second day if funds are available. If funds are available, the second day will be held August 26. Check back on the website and with the district to find out the status of the second day.

No household chemicals, hazardous waste, electronics (such as TVs, computers, monitors, etc.) or tires will be accepted during these times. 


Beautification Day is a day in which 30 yard dumpsters are placed in several locations for the purpose of giving you the opportunity to dispose of items that are not normally recycled.


Items might include mattresses, box springs, old lumber, roofing, piping, old furniture, broken toys, carpets, toilets, drywall, and other items that there is no program for.  This is for residences only, not business.


Frequently asked questions about Beautification Days.


  • Bunker Hill - by the Town Hall
  • Converse - Fairgrounds 1st Street
  • Denver - by the Highway Garage
  • Macy - by Staats & Son Towing, 4751 West 1350 North
  • Peru - District Headquarters, 2651 West Logansport Road
Peru: Traffic will be directed. You will enter from the west (right hand turn) into the lane. This is for everyone’s safety. If you attempt to enter from the opposite direction, you will be turned around and sent to the back of the line. Exiting the site will also be a right hand turn. Please be patient, you will get your turn.


By following the rules of the programs, you help to keep the yearly recycling fee low. When rules are ignored, it costs the Solid Waste District more money to continue the programs, and will result in having to raise the fee to continue to cover the costs related to our recycling programs.