About the Building Commission

Photo Credit and Copyright: Global Marketing Enterprises www.globalme.bizThe Miami County Building Department is responsible for issuing Building Permits and providing follow-up inspections for construction and remodeling projects in the unincorporated areas of Miami County.

Permits enable the county to enforce the life-safety provisions of the building codes in Indiana. These codes are a minimum standard, protecting life, health, property and public welfare by insuring public and private buildings meet a quality standard set for all buildings in the State of Indiana.

Regulated activity includes, but is not limited to:

Building new buildings
Remodeling existing buildings
Creating additions
Alterations of structural, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical elements of a building
Placement of manufactured housing (mobile homes)
Constructing some types of exterior decks
Installing swimming pools
Building storage buildings
Upgrading electrical service
Connecting to a sanitary sewer


Permits attained for these types of activity allows for qualified inspections to be made to insure safety and appropriate construction.


If you have questions regarding a project you are about to undertake, please feel free to contact the office at your convenience.