1. Accomplishments

    Learn about what the Soil and Water Conservation District has accomplished since its founding.

  2. Educational Programs

    Take advantage of the educational opportunities available through the Soil and Water Conservation District.

  3. Forestry, Wildlife & Wetlands

    A recent inventory in Miami County reveals that approximately 11,500 acres are wooded. These must be managed to their fullest potential.

  4. Soil Conservation

    The Miami County Soil and Water Conservation District considers soil sediment as a result of erosion the greatest pollutant of our waterways. The highest priority will be placed on working with landowners and land users having soil erosion problems.

  5. Technical Service

    We provide answers to soil erosion problems, drainage issues and other natural resource problems land users may have. If you are eligible, we can help you find the USDA/Cost share Program that is right for your needs.

  6. Water Quality

    Miami County residents depend on groundwater as a source of drinking water, agricultural usage, and for industrial purposes. Septic systems, private and abandoned wells, open ditches, and surface water runoff are possible routes of groundwater contamination.