Sharps Pointers


  • Store sharps containers in areas that are child and animal proof.
  • Use puncture resistant rigid containers.
  • Use containers that are made of strong plastic or metal.
  • Secure the top of a full sharps container and seal with sturdy tape.
  • Label sharps containers, "SHARPS, Dispose of Properly."
  • Handle sharps away from home in a responsible manner as well.


  • Place loose sharps into the trash.
  • Break, bend, clip, recap, or reuse needles.
  • Flush sharps down the toilet.
  • Use glass containers, lightweight plastic containers, clear plastic containers, or aluminum cans. These break too easily.
  • Place sharps into recycling bins. If a recyclable container is filled with sharps, it is no longer recyclable and could pose a safety hazard to waste handlers.
Needle on Syringe