Household Chemical & Fluorescent Lights

The district collects household chemicals and fluorescent bulbs every day at our district office, 2651 West Logansport Road. Drop off hours for this program are regular business hours. No appointment is needed. Proof of Miami county residency required.
Household Hazardous Waste includes any chemical around the house used for cleaning, drain opening, etc., rechargeable batteries of any size including car, fluorescent bulbs, oil based paint and stains, old oil, antifreeze, fuels, etcetera. Visit our disposal page for more information on properly disposing of household hazardous waste. Please call if you have a question.

Latex Paint

Latex paint is not a hazardous material and will not be accepted. It can be dried out, either by leaving the lid off, or adding kitty litter to it, and placed in your regular garbage.
Household Cleaners


Alkaline batteries (not the rechargeable type) are not considered hazardous. They can be put into your regular garbage.
  1. Follow the Rules
    By following the rules of the programs, you help to keep the yearly recycling fee low. When rules are ignored, it costs the Solid Waste District more money to continue the programs, and will result in having to raise the fee to continue to cover the costs related to our recycling programs.