Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Office began its operation in 1990 by Legislative Act 1240 which became Public Law 10-1990. The purpose of this act was to reduce the amount of material going to landfills by 50% by the year 2001. The law also set up the Board of Directors as being 7 elected officials in the county.


The financing could be set up 1 of 3 ways:
  • Disposal fee from a land-fill
  • District user fee
  • Property taxes
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District User Fee

The board chose to use the district user fee. This fee is used to supply the funds to pay the cost of recycling and disposal of the materials that are collected.

Billing Information

All Recycling bills are due May 31st. The office normally sends the bills in mid - late March. This give syou an opportunity to know the due date is approaching. We try to give plenty of time for you to be able to pay on time.

Bills that are not paid by May 31st will be charged an additional $25 lat fee. Bills that remain unpaid will be turned over to our attorney for collection. 


The recycling program has grown from the beginning and will continue to grow as we learn and gain ways to recycle more of the items that we use.

Garbage Service

This service is not a garbage collection service. Whatever service you have been using should still be used for garbage collection. By knowing how to recycle properly and by using these methods, some residents have eliminated the use of a garbage service.

Proper Recycling of Traditional Materials in Miami County

Miami County has two different ways to recycle the traditional materials-paper, plastic, glass, metal and cardboard.  The drop off sites throughout the county are "Single Stream", which means no sorting of materials.  The Peru drop off site is a segregated, or sorted material site.  More information can be found about this process in the "Programs" tab.
  1. Follow the Rules
    By following the rules of the programs, you help to keep the yearly recycling fee low. When rules are ignored, it costs the Solid Waste District more money to continue the programs, and will result in having to raise the fee to continue to cover the costs related to our recycling programs.