Tax Information

  1. Acceptable Payments

    Know what methods of payment are accepted by the Treasurer.

  2. Corrections

    Property taxes are charged based on the assessed valuation of the property. The County Treasurer cannot correct any errors in assessment of property. All corrections to assessments are handled by the Assessor’s Office.

  3. Exemptions

    Property tax exemptions and deduction applications are filed in the Auditor’s Office.

  4. Tax Allocation

    Do you wonder where your tax dollars go? How much of each dollar goes to the state, the schools, the city, and so on? By accessing the information on these pages you will be able to see exactly that.

  5. Tax Payments

    Based on the March 1st ownership, taxes are due and payable the following year in 2 equal installments on or before May 10 and November 10.

  6. Tax Sale Information

    Find information about tax sales in Miami County.

  7. View Property Tax Information

    Check out property information including assessment, taxes and other resources.